About the Author

Glacier National Park 2014

My name is Stefanie. My students call me T. I live and work in Whitefish, Montana (by way of Wyoming, D.C., Virginia, Arizona, Maine, and Washington). I have the world’s greatest friends, an amazing extended family, and a ninja cat.

I am a writer, teacher, traveler, and musician.

I enjoy being with people and making memories. I love music, hiking, popcorn, dancing, playing cards, sushi, napping, Led Zeppelin, reading, kids’ cereal (any cereal, actually), Shakespeare, going for long walks, and having a good story to share. I like any and all arts of the fine or performance variety. I am always up for a new adventure.

This blog is my story.

Thanks for visiting.


13 thoughts on “About the Author

  1. Hey Stephanie, Haven’t stopped by in a while good to see your still plugging and hope the move went well… did you stay in Montana? Anyway was going through some of my old posts and came across our inspired connection so I thought I would stop by your blog and say HI 🙂

    • Hi JT – So glad you did! We actually did not stay in Montana; I am officially a Wyomingite. I need to update my blog because so much has been going on, but moving takes so much time that I’ve not made the time for writing lately. Check back for an official update soon. 🙂 In the meantime, hope everything on your end is going well also. Hope you and yours have a joyful and blessed holiday season!

  2. And PS – Your comment ended up on an old blog that is not active anymore. Sorry. 😦 To visit the currently active blog… go to http://www.dustinandrachel.wordpress.com. I’m one of those people that starts a diary and writes in it for a week, forgets it and later tosses it out. I do this electronically as well. So far, this one’s been running for 6 months or so! I’m makin’ progress!

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