Courageous Wait (Part II)

Patience is a virtue … That I wish I practiced more. But, just as with wishing, be careful what you pray for.

You just might get it.

I’m a teacher, so I do have the ability to be patient when it counts. I haven’t lost my cool on a kid for … I don’t know, at least a week or better. (Kidding … it’s been at least two weeks.)

And even after dealing with teenagers all day, I still manage to practice some level of patience. Case in point: My husband is still living and I haven’t run any terrible drivers off the road … yet.

But I am currently experiencing some patience issues in other areas of life. Namely, the career area. Being a substitute teacher is great, but not the most consistent work. And being in a small town hasn’t exempted us from feeling the effects of the bad economy, so there are no permanent teaching jobs on the horizon. So I’m working on branching out. But while I’m working on that, I’m also job hunting.

Because it turns out that living in Montana doesn’t always mean there will be snow to plow either. Who knew? And since that’s my husband’s winter business and our only major source of income, we’re kind of up a creek without a paddle. The fact that we could actually paddle in the nearest creek right now doesn’t help.

And so, we wait.

Patiently. Sometimes.

We’ve waited three months for snow … Which translates into three months with no significant income.

There comes a point when you are waiting for something when you have to move again. Being still for a while is OK … I’d even say it can be a very good and very valuable thing. (As in Psalm 46:10, Be still, and know that I am God.”)

But sometimes in the stillness, in the quiet, in the waiting, there could be something you’re missing.

God sends clues to point us all in the right direction, but He doesn’t send winning lottery tickets in the mail.

Sometimes, I wish it were this easy.

Waiting is good, praying is good … Because it ensures that your next move, your next step, is intentional.

And there must be a next step. God creates opportunities, but you have to choose to take them. Prayer is no good if you aren’t also willing to take action.

The fact that it isn’t snowing doesn’t mean our prayers are unanswered. It means we need to be open to the possibility that God is answering in a way we have yet to see or understand.

And so we wait. With open eyes, hearts, and arms. We’ll get to where He has for us to go … And maybe even learn patience on the way. I hope.

“Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.” Romans 12:12


One thought on “Courageous Wait (Part II)

  1. Great billboard. Substitute teaching is the pits. I like your thought:”Because it ensures that your next move, your next step, is intentional.” Hang in there. Something’s in the works. Try not to stress (been there and know it’s easier said than done). Appreciate each other and where you are. There are small treasures and miracles. At some point in the future, you will look back and say, “what were we worried about?” Enjoy the day you’ve been given. Peace.

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