Salad? No thanks

Confession: I’m really not a fan of salads.

I don’t have any issues with vegetables in general … In fact, I would go so far as to say that most veggies are welcome in my kitchen (green beans being the only nasty, gag-worthy exception).

I like to cook with veggies, and I like to add them to main dishes just for fun. There are so many tasty plant foods to be experimented with, and I love the colors and textures they bring to the table.

But salad? Just cold, raw, plain salad? Me no likey.

Looks tasty, but it's not. At least not to me.

I’ve tried different dressings, and no dressing at all. I’ve tried tossing in herbs and onions and all manner of tasty additives, like garlic and chicken and beans, but to no avail.

Am I strange to like all the components of salad, but not the salad itself?

I know I should eat lots of raw leafy greens. And I feel good after eating them, so I know my body appreciates the green goodness. So why can’t I just enjoy eating what I know my body craves?

Any of my cooking savvy friends out there have any salad-saving suggestions?


4 thoughts on “Salad? No thanks

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  2. Salads just take too much time to prepare….I mean all that peeling, washing, slicing, cutting…you don’t have to be ADHD to get fatigued doing all that.
    Maybe you’d rather just have each specific veggie by itself and finger-food-it as snack with dip?
    Tacos? Vertical salad.
    Just hack and chop all that stuff to about the same size and make salsa to dump on just about everything?
    It’s probably the lettuce sheet, oops I meant leaf….it’s weird. (Now people say to use lettuce leave just like bread??????)

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