Art of April Foolery

Oh, April 1st. Day devoted to shenanigans. There is just nothing more ridiculously fun.

This is for all you rabble-rousing ne’er do wells out there. I can’t take full intellectual credit for all of these … Some are mine, some have been done to me, some are from friends and e-mail chains. Feel free to pirate away … Or just read and enjoy. Happy hooliganing!

  • After everyone at home is asleep tonight, set all clocks ahead a half hour or so. Or go into work early and set all the work clocks behind.
  • Whoopee cushions, fart machines, and fake poop are all good fun. In the office or at home. Be creative.
  • Park your vehicle on the side of the road, wear dark aviators, and point your hair dryer out the window toward traffic. See if anyone slows down (they do).
  • Change the office coffee to decaf in the morning. Come afternoon when everyone is dragging, switch to a high-caffeine version.
  • Answer your phone in another language. Need some language ideas? Hit up Google translate.
  • Change your outgoing voicemail message to something fun. This website has some awesome ideas. For bonus points, add ABBA as a ring-back tone. Don’t answer your cell all day, and enjoy the confused messages later. 🙂
  • Go to a very public ATM to get cash. When the moolah comes out, start jumping around and yelling, “I won! I won!”
  • Tape some magnets to the bottom of an empty coffee cup. Stick it to the top of your car and drive around.
  • At work, use clear tape to hold down the switch under your co-worker’s receiver. When they pick up the receiver, the phone will continue to ring.
  • Tape some bubble wrap between the toilet seat and bowl. When Suzy sits down, the pressure will make the bubbles pop and scare the sh- … well, you get it. This works under chair covers at work and home, and under vehicle seat covers too.
  • In the office, switch the contents of two co-workers’ desks. At home, switch the contents of two roommates’ closets.
  • Every time someone asks you to do something today, ask if they’d like fries with that.
  • If you write any checks today, in the memo line specify that it’s payment for “sexual favors.”
  • Get to your spouse’s/roommate’s/coworker’s vehicle before they do. Park it somewhere else. Then turn everything on inside (heat, radio, wipers, etc.) and turn the car off. They will already be confused upon having to locate their vehicle, but then get a sensory overload when they get in, too.
  • Put salt in the sugar bowl, or sugar in the salt shaker.
  • Put a mini sticky note on the bottom of someone’s computer mouse. Cover the laser so it won’t work.
  • Change your Facebook status to married/divorced. Or to the opposite gender. Or announce that you’re pregnant. Or pull an unseemly tattoo picture off the ‘net and post it to your profile as “my new tattoo.” There will be a lot of this (I call it the lazy man’s prank), so careful what you comment on. Don’t be the sucker.
  • I take that back. Sometimes it’s fun to be the sucker. If you’re secure enough with yourself, there’s a lot of fun to be had in this arena. Walk around singing along to your iPod at the top of your lungs. Wear your underwear outside your pants. Wear your clothes inside-out. Ladies, wear some hilarious undershorts and then tuck your skirt hem up into them in the back. It will take longer than you think for someone to mention it (especially if you have a nice tush). Guys, wear make-up. Not just a little … Think the Joker from Dark Knight, or Mimi on the Drew Carey Show. Go about your normal business with a straight face. Tape a long piece of toilet paper to the underside of your shoe and walk around all day.

Hope you have a fun day of April foolery!


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