Ode to Comfy Pants

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.
You are soft on my skin, and gentle too.
You don’t often judge me like blue jeans do.
Oh comfy pants, how I long to give praise.

You bring me comfort in all of my days.
I travel with you and I sleep with you,
We can clean up the house and work out too.
I would follow you through a cosmic blaze.

You are not merely a fair-weather friend,
Because I wear you out in all weather.

You are not restrictive, but let me bend,
Encourage my freedom and endeavor.

You are my comfy partner to the end,
In good times and bad, walking together.

*This is my tribute to poet Elizabeth Barrett Browning, sonnets in iambic pentameter, and comfy pants. Because they all rule.*


20 thoughts on “Ode to Comfy Pants

  1. I love this! Funny! I was actually thinking just yesterday that I need to go through my closet and get rid of every pair of pants that “look good but are uncomfortable.” Life is just too short for uncomfortable pants!

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