I Love Sushi

My husband and I don’t really believe in Valentine’s Day.

I guess we don’t take issue (per se) with a day set aside to celebrate love. Love is grand. Love is the ultimate goal of humanity (or should be). A day dedicated to love is great in theory. But we try to celebrate love every day, not just one certain day of the year.

So today there are no cards or gifts being exchanged in our house. No flowers, no chocolates, and no jewelry.

I love sushi.

Just love. And sushi.

There are certain companies and certain people who have hijacked Valentine’s Day for profit and personal gain. Then there are people who capitalize on that itself, using the day as an excuse for bitterness. We have chosen to use it as an excuse … for sushi. (Birthdays, anniversaries and most other holidays in our house are celebrated in a similar fashion. Halloween? Sushi! Christmas? Sushi! And nothing says “Independence Day” quite like … Sushi!)

We live in a very small town in northwest Montana. Fish are plentiful in the lakes and rivers, but sushi-grade critters are a little harder to come by in our large, land-locked state. There is one sushi restaurant in our town, and it is pricey. We could eat it every night … If we could afford it. As it stands we have to save up for our sushi dates. Valentine’s Day is just one more opportunity for us to do that.

My husband and I have a lot of differences, which keeps our relationship exciting, entertaining, and fun. Today as we celebrate love on our common ground of sushi, we thought it might be fun to reflect some of the other things we love in life. So without further ado, a collective list of loves on this Valentine’s Day:

I love cats. He loves dogs.
I love Guinness. He loves Bud Light.
I love documentaries. He loves science fiction.
I love books. He loves video games.
I love to travel. He loves staying home.
I love taking hikes. He loves taking drives.
I love long showers. He loves efficient showers.
I love Ford. He loves Chevy.
I love to cook. He loves to eat.
I love him. He loves me.

Life’s too short to be bitter and jaded. Spend it instead focused on love, whether that be love of a person, a place, an object or an activity. Find the love in your life, embrace it, and celebrate it.

Even if it’s in something as simple as sushi.

Here’s wishing you and yours love, dear reader, today and every day.

“Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things. Love never ends…” 1 Corinthians 13:7-8


8 thoughts on “I Love Sushi

  1. Exceptional blog . . . ty! Love this post very much. We were married on July 4th, and you are so correct. Nothing says Anniversary and 4th of July like Sushi! In fact, I made a post exclaiming my belief that honey and sushi are atop the list of the world’s perfect foods! Bee well!

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