Life in Little Things

How could you ever say no to a face like that, eh?

Life is all about the little things. I have a lot of little things to be thankful for.

Life can be hard and frustrating, and it’s easy to criticize myself, or alternately, to throw myself a big pity party. And I think (hope) that to at least some extent those are natural and typical reactions. In those moments, I try to think of the little things. Sometimes, in those moments, the little things find me.

This week has been incredibly cold in many parts of the U.S., and here in northwest Montana has been no exception. Come bedtime, outside static temperatures have been between -10 and -20 degrees F. With wind chill we’re talking -30 to -40. Our 90-pound American Bulldog thinks that’s way too cold for any kind of fun. We agree.

Usually the pup sleeps on his own bed next to ours. A couple of nights ago, he decided it was too cold to sleep without some cuddle time. My husband and I were rather cold too, so we invited him to come lay on our bed for awhile. This is a special treat for him, spoiled as he is in other ways. On the rare occasion he does sleep in our bed he’ll typically curl up around our feet. But on this night he immediately wedged himself right in between us. This was OK by us, because he’s like having our own little furnace right there in bed with us. He fell asleep right away.

A few minutes later my husband fell asleep too. It’s always a contest between him and the dog for the loudest snoring. Moments later my cat joined our family cuddle, positioning herself on my stomach. And as I lay there listening to the symphony of snoring and purring, I felt peaceful.

I didn’t have any major epiphanies or anything, just peace.

This was a little thing in a small space of time in the grand scheme of my life … But it’s little moments of peace like this that make life worth living.

Life really is just a long series of little things.

This week I am thankful for bedtime family cuddles. I am grateful for hot coffee, hot showers, and hot meals. I have a new appreciation for down comforters, thick socks and snow boots. I am overwhelmed by the contentment that comes from reconnecting with old friends, watching my students succeed, and experimenting with a new recipe.

I am incredibly blessed to have a life filled with such wondrous little things.


One thought on “Life in Little Things

  1. I miss having a dog and the whole ‘personal furnace’ thing going on. That was always my favorite part – especially on a cold winter night.

    Little things – they tend to overwhelm you with emotion when you actually take the time to think of all the amazing and beautiful things in your life. They may be small on their own – but when added all together they make a massive difference.

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